Oh, P.S….

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I go to make my omelette this morning… NO EGGS.

So typical. I had toast, a little PB and banana. Ohhhh, and the best espresso ever. Mmmm.


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Very good day today. Gorgeous out. I'm hoping for the beach.

Third day on Weight Watchers…

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…and I ate tiramisu cake last night. That just goes to show how unmotivated I am. IT WAS IN THE FRIDGE CALLING MY NAME. Honestly, I’m not usually a big cake ‘fan,’ but for some reason I had to have it last night. 13 points. You heard me… that’s almost half of what I’m allowed per day.

I’ll have to fit exercise in today. A good amount of it, too.

Omelette for breakfast. Typing it here so I’m held accountable by the ALL of you who read my blog. By all of you, I mean like… two, of course.


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I love him. I can’t ever forget or lose a best friend like Steve. Can’t wait until we can see each other again!

There’s modelling, and then there’s whoring yourself out.

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…Oh wait, no.¬†That’s not right at all. Never mind.¬†

Royal wedding, royal schmedding.

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That’s all I have to say tonight.

Today I am deleting things off my laptop that remind me of my ex.

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Cheesy and cliche, I know, but I need to do it. It’s ridiculous… I think that only NOW am I getting over Wesley Garrett Mons. What kind of name is that? “Wesley “GARRETT” Mons.” Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the name “Garrett?” I used to tell him it was cute to cheer him up but man, sorry, can’t help you there with that one. That one’s a doozy.

ANYWAY, I’m deleting Flight of The Conchords off my laptop because Jemaine reminds me way too much of him. OH, that reminds me, I need to delete my favourite movie, “Eagle vs. Shark,” too. I am being visciously brutal with this; I need to be stern and get rid of everything. I’m finally in Australia, away from him and his constant, temping cooing.

This will be good for me.